A new puzzle-maze experience.
Link the 8 (or 16) pops drawing bits on the field.


The field has up to 16 POPS (from 1 to 16). You need to connect POP[1] to POP[2] with exactly 8 bits.
If you can connect all POPS, a new level will be unlocked.
It is an educational game, and you will "feel" the bits and bytes. You will learn what 'double layer' means and see what a virus can do :D
The game is 100% ad-free and does not need an internet connection.


Play up to 80 levels.
Collect the stars to get awards.
Complete all levels to get an editor and create your map.*
Play on Windows and on Android.
* share the map with friends.

Or download a FREE version.
Play up to 10 levels.
Play the shared levels from your friends.